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Folklore (and related) Courses Fall 2013

*Spring 2014 course offerings coming soon!


Instructor Course name and ID
Raymond Summerville English 1700: Intro to Folklore Genres
Stephanie Shonekan Music 1313: Intro to World Music
LuAnne Roth English 2860: FIlm Themes/Genres: Zombies 'R' Us
Stephanie Shonekan Black Studies 3705: Hip Hop: Global Music and Culture
Stephanie Shonekan Music History and Literature 4350/7350: Intro to Ethnomusicology
Chip Callahan Religious Studies 8005: Ethnographic History

Folklore Courses at Mizzou

Class ID Course name
1700 Introduction to Folklore Genres
2700 Introduction to Folklore Fieldwork Methods
3700 American Folklore (topic changes)
4700/7700 Special Themes in Folklore (topic changes)
4710/7710 Themes in Africana Folklore (topic changes)
4770/7770 Oral Tradition
4780/7780 Women’s Folklore and Feminist Theory (topic changes)
8700 Studies in Folklore. Topics include:
  • Folklore and the Fetish
  • Folklore and Literature
  • Folklore and Belief
  • Folklore and Religion
  • Folklore and Social Justice
  • Folklore and Postcolonial Theory
  • Ethnographic Writing
  • Performance
  • The Politics of Folk Humor
8770 Studies in Oral Tradition. Topics include:
  • Oral Tradition and Information Technology
  • Oral Tradition

In addition, Associated and Adjunct faculty of the Folklore Program teach many courses outside the department in areas like rural sociology, religion, art history, theater, English, Hispanic studies, black studies, linguistics, creative non-fiction, and romance languages and literature.

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