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Recent books by MU Folklore Studies Professors

Upcoming Events:

  • April 19, 2013: English Department Colloquium Speaker Diane Goldstein, 4 pm, Tate Hall, room 102.
  • April 11, 2013: Student Folklore Society Invited Spring Speaker: Trevor Blank, SUNY Potsdam. "Tradition 2.0: The Hybridization of Folklore in the Digital Age" 4 P.M. Tate Hall, room 22
  • Monday April 1 , 2013: "You won't fool me again, Bake Sale", Tate Hall 9 AM - 2:30 PM.
  • January 1, 2013: Application deadline for prospective MA and PhD students.
  • October 24-27 2012: American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.
  • October 1, 2012: Not Your Momma's Bake Sale; Tate Hall, 8 AM-2:30 PM.

Recent Book Publications:

Recent Article Publications

Congratulations to Joanna Hearne who was promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure.

Congratulations to Claire Schmidt who successfully defended her PhD dissertation, "If You Don't Laugh You'll Cry: The Occupational Humor of White American Prison Workers and Social Workers" on February 4, 2013.

Trevor Blank will be the 2013 Student Folklore Society's invited Spring Speaker! Blank, Assistant Professor at SUNY Potsdam, will speak on digital folklore. Blank is the editor of, Folklore and the Internet: Vernacular Expression in a Digital World (Utah State University Press 2009), co-editor with Robert Glenn Howard of Tradition in the Twenty-First Century: Locating the Role of the Past in the Present (Utah State University Press 2013), and author of The Last Laugh: Folk Humor, Celebrity Culture, and Mass-Mediated Disasters (University of Wisconsin Press 2013)
Festschrift for John Miles Foley: In honor of John Miles Foley's 65th birthday and 2011 retirement, Lori and Scott Garner guest-edited a surprise special edition of Oral Tradition. The Festschrift celebrates John Miles Foley's work and life through essays contributed by students from the University of Missouri and from NEH Summer Seminars.
Missouri folklore education is featured in the new book Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Curriculum (Utah State University Press) by Paddy Bowman and Lynne Hamer.
We are delighted to welcome Dr. Stephanie Shonekan to MU! Dr. Shonekan is assistant professor of Ethnomusicology and Black Studies; she holds a PhD from Indiana University and her interests focus on the intersections of literature, Black Studies and music. Her recent work includes her book The Life of Camilla Williams, African American Classical Singer and Opera Diva (2011) and her award-willing short film Lioness of Lisabi (2008).



March 31, 2012. Contact Claire Schmidt ( for more information


We grieve the passing of John Miles Foley (1947-2012). His scholarship, mentoring, and vibrant presence will be deeply missed.
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