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Folklore at Mizzou:
Undergraduate Students

While there is not a folklore undergraduate major, undergraduate students at Mizzou can complete a concentration in folklore. You can take a wide variety of interesting classes at Mizzou; several folklore courses are taught each semester. Classes in folklore will challenge and surprise you—come see what it’s all about!

  • 1700 Introduction to Folklore Genres (crosslisted with Anthro)
  • 2700 Introduction to Folklore Fieldwork Methods (crosslisted with Anthro)
  • 3700  American Folklore
  • 4700  Special Themes in Folklore
  • 4710  Themes in Africana Folklore
  • 4770  Oral Tradition
  • 4780  Women’s Folklore and Feminist Theory
  • 4795 Capstone: Folklore and Literature
*See the "Courses" page for more undergraduate options!

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